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LAS VEGAS- If you are a Directioner, then you are fully aware that in just about a week your ears will be filled with the sweet sounds of One Direction’s brand new single, “Steal My Girl.”

So what can we expect? Well, if you’re into an uptempo song that’s “feel good,” and “got a summer vibe to it,” then this song is totally meant for you, and I mean, who doesn’t love that?

“It’s quite a feel good song and it’s not too far away from the last album [Midnight Memories],” Louis told MTV News backstage at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday. “I think its a good bridge record.”

Louis, who co-wrote the track with Liam, didn’t want to “spoil anything” about giving away the concept behind the single, but they did say that since they’ve taken a hand in writing “almost every song,” on their upcoming album, Four, that there is a true musical progression from their previous efforts. 

“I think the main progression is the fact that we are writing more on the songs and we just wanted to make the lyric a little bit more mature,” Zayn said. “And just fit what our personal experiences were right now so thats how we kind of progressed the album right now.”

And the boys, who also released the track, “Fireproof” off the album, will be talking about all those things we want to learn so much more about, like relationships and love. 

“We did a lot of writing on the road and we had 2 1/2 months off at the start of the year and we did a bit of writing then,” Louis said. “We write about girls and love like a lot of people and having a good time really, it’s as simple as that.”

if it’s a song with a summer vibe then why didn’t they release it as a summer single way back in July? Why


In this video from El Paso on September 19th 2014, Liam comes up and sprays Harry with silly string, and Louis watches the whole thing. He watches on the screen and then he turns all the way around to watch, and then he continues looking up at the screen and back again even as Harry finally gets up and chases Liam. I just thought it was worth pointing out. It is from 2:57 to 3:30. Louis is always paying attention.

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How Did Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder Meet? Harry Styles Can Add "Matchmaker" to His Resume


Apparently, when he’s not dating Kardashians and getting tattoos, Harry Styles plays accidental matchmaker. In an interview with Seventeen magazine, Tomlinson recounted how he and Calder met, “Eleanor was a friend of Harry’s. He worked with her friend at a local bakery. One day, Harry met up with his friend, Eleanor came, and we met.” First, Harry Styles worked at a bakery?! Second, this is so casually normal and adorable that I don’t even know what to make of it. Just look at the super sweet caption on this 2013 photo on Tomlinson’s Instagram account:

This was put up on the 15th, but I hadn’t seen it. Very interesting that they’re bringing the whole ‘Harry set them up’ thing back after so long. This article is hardcore Eleanor promo.